How can we be successful in this Big Time Era (so called recently in the economic sense)? Getting a lot of wealth? Keeping some potential shares or property? How about our children?

  To be honest, it is not easy for us to build a smooth way ahead for our children. But what can we do together- the family and the school? Here are some insights that we can think about.

  The mission in the coming 3-5 years:

  1. To find and develop the potential of each of our students with the help of the school and parents together;

  2. To build a better school environment- no matter if it’s Information Technology hardware or software, together with better curriculum design for our school-based needs, not only to match similarly with other schools;

  3. To fine-tune a working-fit and learning-fit atmosphere and environment for our teachers and children as well—both software and hardware

  Hence, what can we do?

  1. To find and gather more resources for building a better WIFI-networking system to improve self-learning through IT(e-Learning) within the next 2 years;

  2. To refurbish the school hardware for a better working and learning environment and safe-guard the spiritual needs within our school in the coming 3 years;

  3. To develop useful school-based curriculum design and related learning experiences within and without the classrooms, within or cross-boundary out of Hong Kong, matching with our teachers’ professional insight and matching student needs throughout time…

  Let’s work closely together. We can be successful. As my recent teaching work with students in Yip Can Cook. I told the kids….. We Can Cook. Why ? Only if the kids can cook themselves by learning and following side-by-side with the teachers, they can be very successful because they would eventually internalize what we teach them and they can grasp a lot more than us.

  That’s how we can build our future school successfully!

Principal, Yip Chi Shing(葉志成校長)